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The Rise of Controlled Environment Agriculture: How Surova is taking on a Greener Future

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

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Surova is taking on the Farming Revolution with Controlled Environment Agriculture in Iceland

In Iceland, Surova is paving the way for a new era in farming with Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Embracing cutting-edge technology, Surova's farming units offer a controlled and sustainable environment for growing vegetables all year round. By using hydroponics as a growing method, robotics as labour, and a trained algorithms for regulating the most optimal environment for plant growth, they cultivate nutrient-rich produce without reliance on external factors like climate and location.

What sets Surova apart is their commitment to technology as a pathway to sustainable horticulture. Their eco-friendly practices result in flavourful, pesticide-free vegetables while minimising water usage. Unlike the current state of the art in the global vertical farming industry, Surova envisions a wider range of vegetables flourishing under their eco-friendly practices enabled by technological advancement. They are on the brink of expanding beyond conventional boundaries, propelling Icelandic agriculture into new frontiers. Beyond innovation, Surova's mission is to bring fresh, nutritious food to communities around the island, fostering a stronger connection with consumers through fresh, local and quality products.

As Surova commits to the CEA movement, we glimpse a future where local agriculture thrives, and communities are nourished with wholesome produce. Join Surova on this remarkable journey towards a greener and more promising tomorrow. Together, we'll cultivate a sustainable world for generations to come. 🌱🌿🌍

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