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Our Story

Tómas Helgi, a mechatronics engineer and passionate plant enthusiast, was running his father's greenhouse in northern Iceland when he realised the challenges of traditional agriculture in the country. Tómas became convinced that modern technology could help overcome these challenges and create a more sustainable and efficient way to grow food.


On a field trip to one of Iceland's most renowned technological companies, Tómas met Doddi, a talented mechanical designer with a long-standing dream of making Iceland more sustainable in food production. Doddi had been inspired by the work of agronomist Vavilov and his experience in fisheries automation. Tómas and Doddi bonded over their shared vision and complementary skills, and they decided to team up to bring their ideas to life.


In 2020, they co-founded Surova, a company dedicated to revolutionising agriculture in Iceland with their smart farming technology. Along with a team of like-minded individuals, they set out to create the first prototype of their idea: automated, smart farming units that could be located anywhere in Iceland.


The project was challenging and required significant planning, engineering, experimentation, and funding. But thanks to generous support and tireless working hours, the team started bringing their vision to life.​In 2023, The first smart farming unit developed by Surova is now coming to life in Reykjavik, capable of producing a variety of leafy greens grown on demand and full of nutritional goodness.


Surova technology ensures that the plants receive optimal growing conditions, including water, nutrients, and light, all while minimising waste and energy consumption. Surova's innovation has the potential to transform agriculture in Iceland, making fresh and healthy produce more accessible while reducing environmental impacts.

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